Dungeon of Manlove - Addition by Subtraction

> March 2nd, 2015 ---

Taping date 2-2-15. The crew chops out a part-time cast member and the show quality improves instantly.

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Dungeon of Manlove - Dungearoke VI

> February 5th, 2015 ---

Taping date 1-26-15. The 6th dirty song parody compilation, Dungearoke VI, is now available. The crew has a release party.

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Dungeon of Manlove - 2014 Sexy 69

> January 21st, 2015 ---

Taping date 1-19-15. Time to unveil the Dungeon of Manlove's Sexy 69 for 2014

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Dungeon of Manlove - The Joke Off

> January 19th, 2015 ---

Taping date 1-12-15: New fake dirty phone calls where desperate chumps call in thinking they are getting erotic chat but get us instead. Then our first-ever Joke Off features Foul Mouth Al against President Pete. Who wins? YOU decide

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Dungeon of Manlove - New Years Eve 2015

> January 1st, 2015 ---

The Dungeon crew sets up a phone sex chat line and takes calls from perverts. Did your boyfriend or husband call in? One way to find out. Also, President Pete practices a stand-up comedy routine. New Year's wishes from the Dungeon Master.

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Dungeon of Manlove - Christmas 2014 Part 2

> December 23rd, 2014 ---

Christmas Show 2014 Part 2 complete with 7 brand new Christmas Dungearoke songs!

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Dungeon of Manlove - Christmas 2014 Part 1

> December 16th, 2014 ---

Merry Christmas everyone, from the crew of the Dungeon which presents Part 1 of Christmas 2014 complete with Dungearoke Christmas tunes.

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Dungeon of Manlove - Drool for Me

> December 9th, 2014 ---

Taping date 12-1-14: Games of "Guess Angela's Weight and Bra Size" are played along with "Be Careful What You Wish For, Stand-Up Comedy Edition." Learn a few things about what NOT to do on a first date.

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Dungeon of Manlove - Banging Brakes

> December 1st, 2014 ---

Show date 11-24-30. Pete bangs brakes, breaks mics. Dating advice from the Dungeon Master and "Be Careful What You Wish For - Stand Up Comedians." With The Reverend, Louise Bean, Pete and the Master.

Guess the Tranny 2104

> November 18th, 2014 ---

11-17-14:  The new Guess the Tranny game is played. Play along at home by visiting www.marshcast.com/wordpress. Fenris enters the Dungeon and attempts to woo the new Dungeon female cast member. Finally, Angela could not make it because of illness therefore our premier version of Guess What's Wrong with Angela is played.

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