Dungeon of Manlove - Trump or Burns?

> November 16th, 2015 ---

 Taping date 7-27-15. After hearing President Pete's Pet Peeve of the day we turn to a game of "Who Said it, Donald Trump or Mr. Burns?"


Dungeon of Manlove - New Wench

> November 12th, 2015 ---

Taping date 7-20-15. The Dungeon Master introduces a new wench. We then play, "Ask Marshal's New Girl Friend a Whole Bunch of Exciting and Creepy Questions." Find out who on the show, and who amongst you in the listening audience, is now considered a potential threat according to new American standards.


Dungeon of Manlove - The Battle with Chiklis

> November 5th, 2015 ---

Taping date 7-6-15: The Dungeon Master feuds with a TV and movie star. News and new Dungearoke!
Find more at www.marshcast.com


Dungeon of Manlove - Halloween 2015

> November 2nd, 2015 ---

Taping date 10-6-15: The Dungeon Crew tapes their 5th annual Halloween show on location at MoJo 13 in Claymont, DE.


Dungeon of Manlove - On Location at MoJo 13 Day 2

> October 19th, 2015 ---

Taping date 9-29-15: From MoJo 13 in Claymont, DE the Dungeon Crew attempts to find live listeners. Do they succeed? If they do, what then? Will they lose them? Will they use them? Only one way to know for sure...listen, then go to Marshcast.com


Dungeon of Manlove - On Location MoJo 13 Day 1

> September 29th, 2015 ---

Taping date 9-22-15: The Dungeon Crew tapes this show on location at Mojo 13 in Claymont, DE
Some sound issues since the Dungeon Master is a Dungeon Master and not a sound technician but hear Penthouse Pete and Fenris all in one show.


Dungeon of Manlove - Butt Snatch

> September 1st, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-22-15: Did the Dungeon Crew discover your band's crappy song on the internet? Find out in "Be Careful What You Wish For - Music Edition." Fenris sits in and we learn a new term about the butt.


Dungeon of Manlove - Wrap Your Cucumber

> August 11th, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-15-15 - More stupid answers to stupid questions. Pete's dating adventures. Odd news headlines from around the world.


Dungeon of Manlove - Dumb Answers to Dumb Questions

> July 30th, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-8-15. The Dungeon Crew attempts to answer some of the internets dumbest questions. Ghost is in the house. Its crazy news headline time too.


Dungeon of Manlove - Naked and Afraid

> July 21st, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-4-15. Hear this edition of the DoM completely unedited. It is totally naked. Hear "Whats in Petes Package" and our take on the bizarre headlines of the week.