Dungeon of Manlove - New Year 2016

> January 26th, 2016 ---

Taping date 1-4-16. The New Year's celebration and, most importantly, the discussion of the Dungeon fo Manlove Sexy 69 for 2015. Listen to this show while viewing the 2015 Sexy 69 at www.marshcast.com in the podcast section so you can play along at home and submit your cuts to the list.


Dungeon of Manlove - Christmas 2015

> January 20th, 2016 ---

Taping date 12-21-15: The Dungeon Crew celebrates Christmas in the most awesomest way they know how...singing dirty Christmas songs live.


Dungeon of Manlove - Birthday Show

> January 5th, 2016 ---

Taping date 12-14-15: Its the Dungeon Master's birthday show so that means its time to discuss bathroom man code and sing dirty Christmas songs. So that's exactly what we do. Meet newcomer Monty Fear.


Dungeon of Manlove - Baby Batter!

> December 29th, 2015 ---

Taping date 12-7-15: Big news from the Dungeon. Two big newses. And Christmas Dungearoke and Pete's Package. Oh, and who is a "sissy?"


Dungeon of Manlove - Breakup Pet Peeves

> December 23rd, 2015 ---

: Taping date 11-30-15: Following a recent and devastating breakup, President Pete unveils a new list of Pet Peeves that all future prospective female partners should know in advance. New Christmas Dungearoke!


Dungeon of Manlove - Dr. Dungeon

> December 22nd, 2015 ---

Taping date 11-23-15. The Dungeon Crew introduces two new Dungearoke songs including a D.r Suess remake. Frank the Drummer becomes a new crew member. Brent from Lowdown 302 sits in and probably wishes he hadn't.


Dungeon of Manlove - Junk Mold

> December 18th, 2015 ---

Taping date 10-26-15. We discuss the gayest of all sports and why sports are gay and provide at least one great gift idea...perhaps for your favorite athlete.


Dungeon of Manlove - Adequately Jammed

> December 17th, 2015 ---

Taping date 10-19-15: The Professor and the President work the Dungeon magic by themselves. Hear a new Penthouse Pete and classic Dungearoke.


Dungeon of Manlove - Biden or Homer

> December 7th, 2015 ---

Taping date 8-15-15: The Dungeon Crew creates and plays, "Who Said It, Joe Biden or Homer Simpson?"
News, Games, Idiocy.


Dungeon of Manlove - Trump or Burns?

> November 16th, 2015 ---

 Taping date 7-27-15. After hearing President Pete's Pet Peeve of the day we turn to a game of "Who Said it, Donald Trump or Mr. Burns?"