Dungeon of Manlove - A Whole Baseball Team?

> April 13th, 2015 ---

Taping date 3-30-15. The latest edition of Penthouse Pete will be an instant classic and source of pages of new sound bite material.


Dungeon of Manlove - 4th Anniversary

> April 2nd, 2015 ---

Taping date 3-25-15. Its the 4th anniversary of the Dungeon of Manlove. Making special appearances are Ghost, Fenrus and Renee the Porn Store Clerk.


Dungeon of Manlove - A New Baby!

> March 29th, 2015 ---

Taping date 3-17-15. The Dungeon welcomes a new baby to the crew


Dungeon of Manlove - Return of Renee

> March 20th, 2015 ---

Taping date 2-24-15. Renee returns to the Dungeon. Hear why she was missed.


Dungeon of Manlove - Addition by Subtraction

> March 2nd, 2015 ---

Taping date 2-2-15. The crew chops out a part-time cast member and the show quality improves instantly.


Dungeon of Manlove - Dungearoke VI

> February 5th, 2015 ---

Taping date 1-26-15. The 6th dirty song parody compilation, Dungearoke VI, is now available. The crew has a release party.


Dungeon of Manlove - 2014 Sexy 69

> January 21st, 2015 ---

Taping date 1-19-15. Time to unveil the Dungeon of Manlove's Sexy 69 for 2014


Dungeon of Manlove - The Joke Off

> January 19th, 2015 ---

Taping date 1-12-15: New fake dirty phone calls where desperate chumps call in thinking they are getting erotic chat but get us instead. Then our first-ever Joke Off features Foul Mouth Al against President Pete. Who wins? YOU decide


Dungeon of Manlove - New Years Eve 2015

> January 1st, 2015 ---

The Dungeon crew sets up a phone sex chat line and takes calls from perverts. Did your boyfriend or husband call in? One way to find out. Also, President Pete practices a stand-up comedy routine. New Year's wishes from the Dungeon Master.


Dungeon of Manlove - Christmas 2014 Part 2

> December 23rd, 2014 ---

Christmas Show 2014 Part 2 complete with 7 brand new Christmas Dungearoke songs!