Dungeon of Manlove - On Location MoJo 13 Day 1

> September 29th, 2015 ---

Taping date 9-22-15: The Dungeon Crew tapes this show on location at Mojo 13 in Claymont, DE
Some sound issues since the Dungeon Master is a Dungeon Master and not a sound technician but hear Penthouse Pete and Fenris all in one show.


Dungeon of Manlove - Butt Snatch

> September 1st, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-22-15: Did the Dungeon Crew discover your band's crappy song on the internet? Find out in "Be Careful What You Wish For - Music Edition." Fenris sits in and we learn a new term about the butt.


Dungeon of Manlove - Wrap Your Cucumber

> August 11th, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-15-15 - More stupid answers to stupid questions. Pete's dating adventures. Odd news headlines from around the world.


Dungeon of Manlove - Dumb Answers to Dumb Questions

> July 30th, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-8-15. The Dungeon Crew attempts to answer some of the internets dumbest questions. Ghost is in the house. Its crazy news headline time too.


Dungeon of Manlove - Naked and Afraid

> July 21st, 2015 ---

Taping date 6-4-15. Hear this edition of the DoM completely unedited. It is totally naked. Hear "Whats in Petes Package" and our take on the bizarre headlines of the week.


Dungeon of Manlove - Fenris World Premiere

> June 22nd, 2015 ---

Taping date 5-18-15. Fenris enters the Dungeon and performs a world premier of a song. Some good news for a couple of the Dungeon members and another special announcement.


Dungeon of Manlove - Mazel Our Tov

> June 3rd, 2015 ---

Taping date 4-27-15. We play "Guess Who is the Jewess," and get a virtual porn update. A new segment of "Be Careful What You Wish For." News is in here and a discussion about living to be 1000. Good to have something to say for a change.


Dungeon of Manlove - Ok, Ya Got Me

> May 28th, 2015 ---

Taping date 4-6-15. Without any women in the Dungeon the boys try their hand at taking dirty phone calls from desperate dudes.


Dungeon of Manlove - A Whole Baseball Team?

> April 13th, 2015 ---

Taping date 3-30-15. The latest edition of Penthouse Pete will be an instant classic and source of pages of new sound bite material.


Dungeon of Manlove - 4th Anniversary

> April 2nd, 2015 ---

Taping date 3-25-15. Its the 4th anniversary of the Dungeon of Manlove. Making special appearances are Ghost, Fenrus and Renee the Porn Store Clerk.